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Open the pod bay doors Hal

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So, I'm back here again. Its been two years since I posted regularly and a lot has happened since then. Here's a quick summary of that, and some reasoning behind my motivation to start writing again.

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2006, a mini review


I’ve actually blogged more in the last 12 months than I thought I would. So rather than rant on about how crazy a year this has been for me, (working for the BBC, moving to London, leaving Belfast, travelling to Japan) – here are a few nostalgic links from 2006;

Reflecting back, I am sure a lot more happened than this… Notable mention also goes to the closure of Raffles – which provided quality, affordable sandwiches to most of Belfast’s top web talent. And to Skribe a project which has struggled to get off the ground all year and now looks back on track for 2007.

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I highly recommend watching Primer, A sci-fi puzzle thriller, it explores the effects of an accidental invention on its two creators. Winner of two Sundance film festival awards it was shot with only $7000. Since joining the Amazon DVD rental service, Ive taken to renting things I wouldnt normally consider buying – but this is a great show. Thanks to petemc for the tip.

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