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As I mentioned before, Ive joined the Amazon rental service, and have taken to getting out movies I wouldnt normally think of buying. Its been a good opportunity to see both Spirted Away and Howling Wolf’s moving Castle – two excellent shows from Studio Ghibli, that prove that great characters and good storytelling, will always beat overstated visual effects and no substance.

Over the next few weeks, Film Four will be showing some of these movies for free (if you have Freeview/Satellite) – including Laputa, Castle in the Sky – so you’ve no excuse.

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I highly recommend watching Primer, A sci-fi puzzle thriller, it explores the effects of an accidental invention on its two creators. Winner of two Sundance film festival awards it was shot with only $7000. Since joining the Amazon DVD rental service, Ive taken to renting things I wouldnt normally consider buying – but this is a great show. Thanks to petemc for the tip.

Superman Returns (without Zod)

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I can still taste the excess popcorn after last nights visit to the largest screen in Britain, the London IMAX Cinema – What better place to see the most expensive film ever made on the biggest screen ive ever seen, with the Super-est Man in comic book history !

Depsite neck injuries from sitting one row from the front – the film was very enjoyable. And even without General Zod making an appearance, it was much better than expected.

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