Superman Returns (without Zod)

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I can still taste the excess popcorn after last nights visit to the largest screen in Britain, the London IMAX Cinema – What better place to see the most expensive film ever made on the biggest screen ive ever seen, with the Super-est Man in comic book history !

Depsite neck injuries from sitting one row from the front – the film was very enjoyable. And even without General Zod making an appearance, it was much better than expected.

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  • photo of SWM SWM Jul 24, 2006

    It was a good film. Not as good as I remember the first two being. I think Routh made a good Superman but a rather dull Clark Kent. In saying that there wasn’t much time developed to Kent, but I suppose that was gonna happen anyway. I think Lois should be a good bit tougher as well.

    I want a good baddie next time though. Brainiac or just bring back General Zod :)

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