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So, I’m back here again. Its been two years since I posted regularly and a lot has happened since then. Here’s a quick summary of that, and some reasoning behind my motivation to start writing again.

Hard to sum up everything, but being one for making lists, here are a few highlights;

  • Ups and downs of buying a first house (at quite possibly the worst time)
  • Been to far too many weddings
  • Learnt to swing dance (like a beginner)
  • Turned 30
  • Visited Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Prague, London, Paris, and Kerry
  • Kept on running
  • Enjoying movies again with The Film Talk
  • Read some great books, work-related, classics and modern fiction.

So I’m posting again for two main reasons. The first is to share some learning from working on Bugle. Both in application design and implementation. I hope to release some parts of the app publicly on GitHub and at the same time, show tutorials and code here to explain the more interesting features.

The second reason is to open up a tumblelog of sorts; shorter posts on stuff thats in my head. In general, content will be mostly tech with some shorter (more opinionated or personal) posts in between. If Bugle ever takes off ‘big-time’ I’ll open a separate product blog for it, until then I’ll post Bugle announcements here too.

Finally, as the big yellow sign says, this blog is work in progress (what blog isn’t?). The scaffolding is obvious, the design is unfinished and some links are broken at the moment.

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