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Open the pod bay doors Hal

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So, I'm back here again. Its been two years since I posted regularly and a lot has happened since then. Here's a quick summary of that, and some reasoning behind my motivation to start writing again.

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November 20, 2009 18:49 by

Behind the scenes

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Maybe youv’e noticed, maybe you haven’t, but quite a lot has changed at this site in the last few days. Its all behind the scenes work though, with the exception of a few style changes and new pages here and there. So what’s new;

  • Switched from Typo to the much better, Mephisto
  • Microformats have been applied to all entries (hAtom)
  • My updated footer profile and all comments have also got the hCard treatment
  • The entire layout is a bit more liquid (in more ways than one) Its now fluid rather than fixed – (drag your browser width) and built on liquid templates (part of Mephisto) There is a min-width defined – which (of course) falls over on narrow IE6 pages :(
  • Gone are the old AJAX comment submissions (in Typo) and AJAX on ‘search-as-you-type’ has also been removed.
  • I’ve added my own code to handle Gravatar caching, which was very easy to bolt into Mephisto. I’ll probably do another post on how this was done soon.
  • I’ve upgraded the server to the latest Lighttpd 1.5 RC. With the new mod-proxy-core module, it means I no longer have to work with a mongrel-pound-lighttpd stack. The site is just served straight-up, from Lighttpd to 3 Mongrels.
  • As usual the newer ‘more about me’ page still needs more work.
March 11, 2007 22:43 by
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