The Move

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Well, im sure a lot of you have heard already, but in just over 4 days last week I have;

  • Left Belfast, and moved to London
  • Finished setting up my own company Hiddenloop Ltd.
  • Started a new full-time contract as Technical Project Manager with the BBC, working 2 days
  • Drove back to Belfast, (via Stranraer) leaving my car back in N.Ireland
  • Flown back to London on the 8th
  • Got very little sleep

So im here now, and in probably one of the busiest weeks of my life, I seemed to have landed on my feet, moving into a great shared house within 15mins walking distance to White City and 5 mins from East Acton Underground.

As a rule, I wont be blogging about my job at the BBC, all I can say is that I have joined as a Technical Project Manager for initially 6 months, on a high(ish) profile project that is due to launch soon. Having been here just 4 days now, things are going well so far.

Forming a company was something I’ve had in mind for a while, taking on more and more contract work. Hiddenloop (and this website) are going through a complete redesign over the next couple of months. So more information will be available soon on what Hiddenloop will do as a company etc.

Who knows what will happen, its entirely possible I will be back in full-time employment by the end of this year – the point is that I am giving this a go. Listening to the Venture Voice Podcasts has been great encouragement, and prove that with some hard work, a bit of talent and a good idea – small people can make it big – (but not too big)

RyanC from 37Signals has also got a great series of articles on the challenges of setting up a new small business.

London seems great so far, its a big change from living in Belfast for the last seven years, there are some great web agencies over here (no dis-respect). And while rent is expensive, being able to walk to work really helps. I have a brother and sister over here as well, which is dead handy for figuring out where things are etc.

No doubt I’ll be posting here more frequently now, so stay tuned, who knows what will happen …

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