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New year, new wiki!

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Hello 2011! Who knows what this year will have in store for me. I’ve set myself a few resolutions, one of them being ‘take more notes’ (while learning, reading, coding etc.) I keep an online wiki for these things, but recently it has gotten a little stale.

So, in some spare time over Christmas I managed to move (and clean out) what was an aging, badly formatted, self-hosted MediaWiki, into something a little nicer, a GitHub wiki repository. Now I have version control goodness from Git, formatting and pages through Gollum and web hosting provided by

Gollum is the real star here; it’s a Ruby/Git-powered wiki engine operating on static files in a simple folder structure. I can even run it locally (for the odd-time github goes down). With all this in place it should be easier for me to take notes than not.

January 04, 2011 18:00 by

All the fun of the circus

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The local elections in Northern Ireland (read, ‘political hi-jinks’) are coming soon. I can imagine the thousands of bearded posters lining the streets of Belfast now. I hope and dream of a future where our country can move forward; life-like beard-hair stapled to every election poster! What do we need to make sense of all this nonsense? The Northern Ireland elections wiki by Mr. Stewart

Contribute away and help George and the gang to victory. Stray Taoist has some Tales from the homeland on the matter.

Some photos from the campaign trail have turned into a caption competition on flickr, here, here and oh, here too.

February 23, 2007 22:46 by
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