New year, new wiki!

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Hello 2011! Who knows what this year will have in store for me. I’ve set myself a few resolutions, one of them being ‘take more notes’ (while learning, reading, coding etc.) I keep an online wiki for these things, but recently it has gotten a little stale.

So, in some spare time over Christmas I managed to move (and clean out) what was an aging, badly formatted, self-hosted MediaWiki, into something a little nicer, a GitHub wiki repository. Now I have version control goodness from Git, formatting and pages through Gollum and web hosting provided by

Gollum is the real star here; it’s a Ruby/Git-powered wiki engine operating on static files in a simple folder structure. I can even run it locally (for the odd-time github goes down). With all this in place it should be easier for me to take notes than not.

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