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Where am I now ?


Where indeed ? Well literally, right now I’m between Friday sessions at @media 2007. But due to these events bigger things are going on. Basically my time at the BBC has come to an end, and in the spirit of ‘onwards and upwards’ I am off to live and work in Dublin, Ireland.

In a few weeks I’ll be working with Rails and the very excellent team at Exoftware, trying to find somewhere to live in Dublin and doing the whole re-location dance again.

Working at the BBC has been an invaluable experience. I joined last January starting as a Technical Project Manager. I have had a huge insight into the workings of a very (very) large institution; the ups, downs; ins, outs; twirling and spinning. Working with great UK agencies on million-pound, multi-lingual projects was challenging as my first job in a technical management position; but I couldn’t have wished for a better place than the BBC to ‘cut-my-teeth’.

Hat’s must be tipped to my immediate team of fellow TPM’s all of them excellent managers with their own areas of expertise. Without a doubt the best team of people I have ever had the privilege to work with so far.

Going back to a developer position is something I am very keen on. Working as a TPM did offer a few opportunities to delve into code, but I found myself enjoying more of the freelance work I continued to pursue through Hiddenloop. Building things end-to-end on mostly green-field projects.

So very busy now, for the next few months at least, light posting ahead – next 30 miles.

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