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I’ve just released my first attempt at an Objective-C project, VideoSnap. It’s a simple OSX command line tool for recording video and audio from any attached QuickTime capture device.

VideoSnap was inspired by ImageSnap from @rharder, and I started working on it after finding problems with the older (carbon based) wacaw command (which no longer works with some of the latest Mac/OSX hardware). I hope to use VideoSnap in a new version of lolcommits, which i’m working on.

With VideoSnap you can specify which device to capture from, the duration, size/quality, a delay period (before capturing starts) and optionally turn off audio. The only required argument is a file path. By default VideoSnap will capture 6 seconds of video and audio from the default capture device in H.264(SD480)/AAC encoding to ‘’. You can also use VideoSnap to list attached QuickTime capture devices by name.

VideoSnap is coded with Objective-C and uses the Cocoa and QTKit frameworks. It has been an interesting project so far and a great introduction to both Objective-C and Xcode. If you happen to give it a try, please let me know of any issues.

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