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Our Wedding

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Thanks to Simon at StandByProductions for putting this all together.

April 16, 2012 21:28 by

From Tuscany to California

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It’s a couple of months since our wedding on September 3rd and just last week over 3500(!) photos from our photographer arrived. I’ve shared a few of them on Flickr, along with some honeymoon snaps we took ourselves.

Huge thanks to Sara Mazzei at Infinity Weddings & Events for organising everything. From helping us find the venue to all the little details on the day, Sara and her team made everything work perfectly. I can’t recommend Infinity Weddings highly enough.

Elisa & Matt's Wedding in Tuscany

Elisa & Matt's Honeymoon in California

We had an amazing day and the ‘road trip’ holiday of a lifetime. Sitting here in cold, dark Dublin it all seems so long ago! I can’t believe its been over six months since my last post! I’m pretty sure that getting married, taking a holiday and planning a move are all good excuses. More soon…

Save the date!


As many of you know, I got engaged last year, and plans are under way for our wedding to be held in Tuscany, this September. Over Christmas I got to finish building our wedding website, Hopefully it will help our guests in making travel arrangements and booking accommodation.
Elisa & Matt get married!, Save the date
I stuck with a single, scrolling page design (to keep things simple) that also works well on mobile devices. For those interested, the site is built with;

(We’re even sending our Save the date messages using MailChimp!)

January 12, 2011 08:20 by

The Big Day

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Caroline (my sister) & Colin's wedding day. Thanks to Simon for putting this together. (photos)

December 13, 2010 11:54 by


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Damiani Armonia Solitaire

Just a quick post to announce that about one month ago Elisa and I got engaged in Florence, Italy. Here are a few photos from our trip.

We managed to pick up this little ring in Damiani (who were very helpful in getting it re-sized before we left —thanks to Mr. Filippo Gossi). We liked Florence so much, we might even consider having the wedding there! We visited the Tuscan countryside on a couple of Vespa scooters and saw plenty of great locations.

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