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Conditional .vimrc configs

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This is new to me, but probably old hat to vim regulars. You can have conditional statements in your vimrc config depending on which machine you are working on. In this case I have disabled end of line white space cleaning on my ‘calcifer’ and ‘alderann’ machines.

" get hostname
let machine = substitute(system('hostname'), "\n", "", "")
" auto strip whitespace when saving
" don't auto strip on these machines
if machine !~ "[calcifer|alderann]"
  autocmd BufWritePre * :%s/\s\+$//e

I’ve taken to sharing my development workbench and vim configuration across multiple machines and this comes in really handy.

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The Social Network

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The Social Network Movie Poster

I really enjoyed this, as a programmer myself, it was great to finally see a film where hacking was portrayed like hacking actually is in the real world! Without the bells, whistles, tin-foil hats, 3D visualizations or CGI we’d normally expect from Hollywood.

By comparison, here are some fine prime examples of ridiculous movie hacking sequences. If I took Hollywood as the basis for what hacking or coding actually looked like, I would be under the impression I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

Oh! And another reason to see this movie, vi has finally made it to the big screen!! For a comprehensive, detailed review of The Social Network, check out

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