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Rails 3 ambiguous column names and multiple order scopes


After updating a few apps to Rails 3 I came across some issues with the new scoping syntax.

Ambiguous column names

In one case I use a module to define some common scopes that are used across more than one model. I quickly came up against the ambiguous column name error (e.g. Column ‘created_at’ in order clause is ambiguous —from MySQL). To fix this I used the table_name prefix right in my scoping string. In general you should always do this anywhere you use strings in your scopes. For example;

# remember to add the table_name to avoid ambiguous columns
scope :recent, order("#{table_name}.created_at DESC")
# or directly
scope :recent, order("questions.created_at DESC")

# you don't have to add the table_name when using a hash, Rails takes care of that!
scope :by_user, lambda{|user| where(:user_id =>}

Multiple order scopes

Another issue I found was combining multiple order scopes. In Rails 2 with named scopes this used to work as you’d expect. But combining multiple order scopes in Rails 3 seems to fail, only applying the last order scope to the query.

# given the recent scope defined above, in this case we'd expect;
scope :flagged, order(" #{table_name}.flag_count DESC").recent
# to be 
'ORDER BY questions.flag_count DESC, questions.created_at DESC'
# BUT its not! instead its simply
'ORDER BY questions.created_at DESC'
# to order on multiple columns inside a scope, I have to duplicate my recent order scope like so
scope :flagged, order(" #{table_name}.flag_count DESC, #{table_name}.created_at DESC").recent

All in all, i’m very much in favour of the new syntax and AREL in general. It simplifies compounding queries together with additional scopes and delays their execution until it is needed.

Some Rails 3 ActiveRecord links

September 22, 2010 13:46 by

Coming soon...

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After deciding to take a break from freelance work for the next couple of months, Ive had some time to sort a few things out here on this blog (and in doing so, learnt a thing or to).

Very soon I’ll be moving this site to my shiny new VPS server at Rimuhost, now armed with root access – all manner of crazy things can happen. Ive spent some free time over the last couple of weeks doing the following;

  • Tidied up all the CSS here
  • Moved all my Rails development from Windows to OSX
  • Setup a new VPS Debian server with Rimuhosting
  • Upgraded to Typo 4.0 and migrated this site’s theme into it
  • Switched my photos back to a Flickr Pro account from 23HQ
  • Moved this site to using SVN / Capistrano for deployment
  • Changed from using Apache FCGI, to a full Lighttpd, Pound and Mongrel stack.
  • Survived the London heat

So be prepared for all sorts of nerd like ‘how-to’ posts – as I attempt to share the knowledge and gotchas I experienced during all this (including the London heat) None of the changes to this site have been rolled out yet, its still sitting on Dreamhost running under Apache/FCGI.

Why bother? – The whole process has been a bit of learning exercise for myself and it means I can now quickly develop, deploy and host rails applications, faster and more reliably – which is good -you see.

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