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Blog Facelift

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Although im not overly bored with this Scribbish Typo theme, I think its a good starting point for my own design which will be appearing soon.

I’ll be launching a full facelift for the whole blog; and will be trying to stick to some new basic design principles for blogs; (possibly introducing a few small flash movies too)…

November 24, 2005 16:35 by


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Although its really only a very good starting point, I rather like this minimalist theme (scribbish) – bar a few minor tweaks here and there – it’ll be staying like this for a good while – I’ve got more important things to focus on for now.

I should find just enough time to write content, post often and keep some people entertained.

For now – I have added some ‘about’ info. (and fixed an issue running Scribbish on Typo 2.6.0)

November 14, 2005 17:22 by
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