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Source Decay, The Mountain Goats

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October 07, 2010 11:22 by

Don't Stop Believing


Don’t Stop Believing by Petra Haden heard on, nice tribute – but this doesn’t beat the Journey (and Peter Griffen doesn’t come close either)

Mephisto filter:mp3

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On my to-do list for some time was implemting Jeroen Wijering’s mp3 player (flash) in this blog as a mephisto filter.

Somewhere between the sessions of @media yesterday, I found the time to code it in (grab it , there are some steps to follow at the top of this file). It has sensible defaults, and configuration attributes.

You can also place alternate content inside the filter tag (e.g. a direct link to the mp3).

While the code degrades well with flash/javascript off in the browser, some work needs done on what shows up in feedreaders. The filter could be amended for RSS feeds and simply show a link to the mp3 file(s) being played. If anyone finds this filter useful, let me know.

Up in the morning, 'bout a quarter to 4

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Pain starts this November in New York, and I am way behind in upping the mileage

Little Miss Sunshine

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I’m only seeing this now on DVD, watch the trailer here; its a great show, and not a bad soundtrack either.

Ho Ho Ho Flickr

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Flickr have some festive hidden easter eggs, try adding a note to any photo as ‘ho ho ho hat’ or ‘ho ho ho beard’ to ‘Santa Up!’ any photo, this bearded fellow did just that.

December 15, 2006 16:56 by
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