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@media2006 - day two


The final day of @media was a little more packed with talks, having slightly re-arranged the schedule the previous day to account for the World Cup match.

Highlights included the panel debate during the JavaScript Libraries: Friend or Foe? talk, and Tantek Çelik’s bit on Microformats – Not really knowing what to expect from an event like this, I think managed to get something new out of most of the talks and it was great to see so many people enthusiastic about where web design and development is headed (for the next year at least).

Along with better wifi, something I thought was lacking – was some kind of online chatroom for attendees to communicate with – during the 2 days of the conference. Campfire or even just a formal IRC room would have been great.

I have uploaded the rest of my photos from the event, but unfortunately audio recording the talks myself, just wasn’t happening. Apparently a podcast for the entire event (and possibly videos) will be made available, most likely on the @media2006 website

Edit: All presentations are now available via this official Audio/Video feed

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