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Busy, Busy again

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Back from holidays Ive lined up a fair bit of work for myself. Some ASP, some Rails and some PHP – There wont be posts here for a while – As always the link feed (over there →) will continue to grow. To summarise a few things around the web I’ve paid attention to recently;

  • A Rails Toolbox – Err the Blog has listed some dead handy plugins they’ve been using, and their ‘Cheat Sheet’ gem looks helpful, a command line wiki based cheatsheet
  • List of states with nuclear weapons – whos got what
  • Active Collab – a (decent) free alternative to Basecamp for your own server. I’m working on a little ruby script to import Basecamp messgaes/comments etc. using their API, directly into ActiveCollab – I’ll distribute it when its done, if I remember
  • “30” Apple Cinema Display": – according to UPS it should be sitting for me when I get home – whether my productivity will increase with this monster is something to be seen update


  • The Goonies Soundtrack long out-of-stock, its now available as an import from Amazon (US) – I’m not embarrassed to say – mine’s in the post
  • Sniper in Iraq US military use bullet proof windows from busted Hum-vees
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