Lolcommits v0.5 released!

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A couple of months ago I embarked on a side project to add animated gif capturing to the popular Lolcommits gem. A couple of months later and I’ve refreshed my Objective-C skills, learnt more about building command line apps with Ruby and discovered the nuances of video capturing on a Mac.

And I’m happy to announce lolcommits v0.5 was released last week and now features animated gifs! (MacOSX only for now). For those not familiar with the gem;

lolcommits takes a snapshot with your webcam every time you git commit code, and archives a lolcat style image with it. Git blame has never been so much fun.

No longer should you git commit without expressing your current emotions in the form of some physical action! After squashing that bug feel free to get creative or just opt for the default self-five. Your animated masterpiece will be captured for eternity and can be published for all to see (to or via another configurable lolcommit plugin)

Developing this feature I had hoped to use wacaw a command line video capturing tool for the Mac. Unfortunately its an old SourceForge project (that doesn’t seem to be maintained) and it fails to work with some of the latest Mac hardware. After a little effort I released VideoSnap an alternative using the latest QTKit framework.

Finally, thanks to Matthew Rothernberg I’m now an official maintainer for this gem! I’ve started contributing to PR’s, investigating issues and tidied up the wiki a little. I hope you enjoy this lolcommits release as much as I enjoyed developing it. Happy coding!

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