New lick of paint


Another month another redesign for the blog, this one I am happy with and
it will be here to stay (for a while at least) – A lot of gumpf has been
removed from the side bar, and the whole thing should be a little faster
to load.

I have also switched to FeedBurner – for all
my feed needs. Redirects are in place, but update your RSS bookmarks if
you’ve got ‘em. (see the ’feedTower’ at the bottom of every page)

I’ve even created a little css block to publish up conversations from

Somethings up with submitting comments and (as usual) there is one
annoying CSS bug I still have to iron out in IE – but thats life.

Anyone like/dislike the new look, comments appreciated.

May 11, 2006 13:00 by

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  • photo of Tom Tom May 16, 2006

    Looks good Matt !!

    The only thing I would suggest would be to move the about information out of the header and over to the side bar on the right….possibly making it a link to another page.

    Also, the photo at the top and the right side bar appear to be a little too far to the right, in fact, smashed against the right side of the page. (I am using IE 6.0)

  • photo of matt matt May 16, 2006

    I was going to move the about summary, but I think its useful to have it more prominent on the homepage (you might have noticed it doesnt appear on other pages) – Also the photo is meant to be right aligned, the page uses a flowing liquid layout and resizing your browser width will always keep the page filled with content.

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