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Isnt this better ? Ive had my fun configuring Typo and playing around with its template engine. Its been a great introduction to Ruby; Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that Typo – (although an excellent blogging application) – doesnt run with stability (or speed) on Dreamhost

Its fine locally on my machine and even throttling it through my debian box. But the Apache FCGI performance on here is lacking with Typo, perhaps because its a shared server – or the way Typo caches. Im not sure. If anyone else has experienced this or knows of ways to speed up Typo on Dreamhost – let me know. — edit.. ive stumbled upon this, which might help.

Also – since I didnt spend that long on my theme, I dont really mind ditching it for this one until I can dedicate some real time to it.

March 10, 2006 12:54 by

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