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Cyclemeter & Other Stats

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If you follow my tweets, you might have noticed I occasionally use the excellent Cyclemeter (iPhone app) for collecting stats. What you might not have noticed is that you can actually shout support (or more likely abuse) at me while I’m cycling in and out of work!

The app uses text-to-speech to convert your @hiddenloop replies (pushed to the iphone through the app) and plays them over whatever music I’m listening to. Clever stuff! So next time you see a tweet like this holla back!

If you’re big into tracking exercise stats, I would recommend Cyclemeter over the other apps out there right now. I’ve tried MapMyRide, MapMyRun (and some others) and none work as well or are as simple to use. CycleMeter can also be used for running, but I prefer to use a Nike+ kit with an iPod nano (rather than lugging the iPhone around with me)

I’m working on a new feed & push importer service (with web-hooks) for Bugle that will allow any valid feed data to be displayed/updated within your site or blog. First examples of this will probably be put to use here, with my tweets, run data, cycle stats etc.

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