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Dreamhost FCGI saga

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After reading on nubyOnRails about stray Ruby processes – I have setup an hourly cronjob to kill all defunct Ruby processes on my dreamhost box. You may see some slight improvements in speed on this site. Now if we could only convince dreamhost to run lighttpd we’d be sorted.

Thanks nuby on rails !

the cron

# hourly - kill defunct ruby procs
01 * * * * /home/hiddenloop/crontabs/killrubyprocs

the script

export procs="`ps x -o ppid,comm | grep "<defunct>" | sed -e "s/^[ \t]*\([0-9]*\)   ruby.*/\1/"`"
for i in $procs; do
  kill -9 $i

November 18, 2005 06:03 by
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